Topps making moves to stop fake Topps Rookie Premiere autographs

On September 1st an article was posted on with news from Topps that they will be using foil numbering to try and stop counterfeiters from faking Topps rookie premiere autographs in football and baseball. This is a very good move, but is it too late? The rookie premiere autographs have been severely devalued by the amount of fake autograph cards that have gotten out on the market. There have been fakes of cards in almost every set going all the way back to the originals in 2000. These cards were some of the most collected every year, but the amount of fakes have left a sour taste in most collectors mouths and I am not sure if collectors will jump back into collecting them again, just because of the numbering. At least it is a good move by Topps to try and clean up their brand and hopefully we will see some other moves going forward.


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