Product Review of 2010 Topps Magic Football

2010 Topps magic football is the second year of this product line. Last year’s set was very similar to this year except that all of the players were in their college uniforms. This year’s set is very similar in content and layout in that includes a very large autograph set as well as dual and triple autograph cards of various themes. The cards themselves look nice, and although the autographs are all signed on stickers, the sticker blends into the card quite well. The autograph set includes some retired big name players such as Emmitt Smith, Joe Namath,  Steve Young as well as current stars Sam Bradford,  Tim Tebow,  Ray Lewis and Peyton  Manning.  The set will be a challenge to put together, because there are a ton of shortprints, but I think it will be attempted.

While I think this product was made with the right idea, it is hurt by the fact that there are way, way too many scrubs also included in the set. Do Brian Brohm, Kellen Clemens, James Hardy and Devin Thomas really need an Autograph in this set? I think this set would have been much better received it included more retired mid level players or key current players who aren’t used in every set but would still have some demand, such as offensive or defensive lineman or maybe even kickers? Instead they include a lot of players who appear in every single product!

Overall, I think many singles in this set have great long-term value because the good ones are nice and hard to pull but if they bring this product back next year I think they should improve the autograph selection to make the whole checklist more collectible.

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