Product Preview: 2011 Topps Heritage Rookie Edition

Recently, Beckett posted a preview of 2011 Topps heritage Rookie Edition here. This product will be using the design of the 2011 Topps heritage set but it will be rookies only.  While I like the idea behind this set, there are some major flaws right out of the gate.  First of all, do we need another rookie based product? We have Bowman, Bowman chrome, Bowman draft, Bowman platinum, Bowman Sterling, Topps Debut and Topps Chrome which are all primarily rookie driven. Do we need another new product for rookies? Couldn’t this product have replaced another product line or at least have been added to it? Another issue I have with this product is the use of stickers for the autograph cards. Every year of Topps Heritage baseball has featured on card autograph cards and that has been one of the main draws to the set, but this 2011 Topps Heritage rookie set looks to have sticker autographs and ugly ones at that. This might change, and they might have only used stickers for the mock-up, but from the pictures the autograph cards look pretty ugly. I do like the look of the patch cards and I do like the design of the heritage set itself, but I am not sure if this is the right set for Topps to do right now, especially when there entire product line is lacking qood, quality sets that appeal to all collectors and not just the rookie collectors and prospectors.





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