Sweet Modern Football card collection we just purchased!

We recently purchased a sweet collection of modern football cards. There was a total of just over 100 certified autograph cards and patches of current stars and hall of famers!  Make sure to check our ebay store or website to purchase! Check out some of the cards from this collection:

49986 49996 50000 50002 49977 49979 49980 49983


Panini to make a cut Autograph based product similar to Sp Legendary Cuts

A story was posted on Beckett.com earlier today preview a product from Panini titled 2011 Donruss Limited Cuts. This product mimics the release of 2011 Sp Legendary cuts with a mixture of cuts of Major athletes as well as other celebrities and personalities. Hopefully Panini can provide enough value to collectors on a box by box basis to make for the shortfalls that this product could potentially have. Without pictures on the cards, it is extremely important to have a good design and quality cuts to make this set a success or it could fail miserably. From the initial looks of the product it seems like Panini is using a nice design with quality cuts but it could just be a mock-up and we will have to wait and see what is actually contained in the product before making a final judgment. I also am not a fan of using living players in a cut product even if they are paired with deceased players, although it is cool to have a tiger woods auto with a Ben Hogan.


Crazy Lebron James card collection On Youtube

One of my customers brought this video to my attention. It highlights what I would guess is the best Lebron James collection out there right now.  Every single card is either a 1/1 or #D 23/xxx, including what could be considered the best non-graded modern rookie card, the exquisite rookie patch #D23/99. Even though Lebron has changed his number to #6 once he signed with the heat, his rookie cards #D23/xxx should still maintain a significant premium over similar numbered cards from his rookie year. This is probably one of the greatest accumulations of a single player that I have ever seen!

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2010 Bowman Stepehen Strasburg’s rookies are hot!

The official release of 2010 Bowman is today and there are already a lot of cards hitting eBay. Taking just a quick look at some auctions, a couple of Strasburg blue refractor autographs have sold between $450 and $499 and a Bowman red parallel sold for $1,025. Regular Bowman Chrome rookies are selling in the $20-$30 range with many available for sale. It will be very interesting to see how the market evolves for these cards as more product gets broken and more are listed on eBay. My guess is that the prices will move downward for the next few weeks but will spike when he gets called up and more collectors who are not prospectors look to buy a few for their collections.

Topps making moves to stop fake Topps Rookie Premiere autographs

On September 1st an article was posted on beckett.com with news from Topps that they will be using foil numbering to try and stop counterfeiters from faking Topps rookie premiere autographs in football and baseball. This is a very good move, but is it too late? The rookie premiere autographs have been severely devalued by the amount of fake autograph cards that have gotten out on the market. There have been fakes of cards in almost every set going all the way back to the originals in 2000. These cards were some of the most collected every year, but the amount of fakes have left a sour taste in most collectors mouths and I am not sure if collectors will jump back into collecting them again, just because of the numbering. At least it is a good move by Topps to try and clean up their brand and hopefully we will see some other moves going forward.